Fishing for a win in Fuengirola

fishing for a win
FISHING: Competition to be held along the Fuengirola coast Photo Credit: Pxhere

MORE THAN 120 fisherman are expected to get involved with Fuengirola’s XXVII Fishing Contest on Sunday.

The annual event, organised by the Sport Fishing Club La Baila, will begin at 9am along Fuengirola’s coast line. Pedro Cuevas, Councillor for Sports, spoke about the competition alongside Dionisio Palencia president of La Baila, and David Sanchez, one of the club’s members.  Councillor Cuevas explained registration to enter the contest would be open until Sunday morning and participants, as well as paying an entry fee, must contribute one kilo of non-perishable food to the municipal foodbank.

He commented the event was in its “27th year and in Fuengirola we should be very happy because a sporting event of this magnitude contributes to making this town great.”  He went on to “congratulate the management of La Baila for the work it has been doing and for promoting the sport of fishing in our town and exporting it to all parts of the world.”

The event’s organisers explained the competition was a national one with judges from within Spain but would also feature guest fisherman from Pirtugal and Italy.  David Sanchez commented, “the contest will take place on Sunday from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon and a raffle for positions will be held at seven in the morning in the booth of the Third Age at the fairground.”

The entrants will fish on a patch of coast between Playa del Castillo and Los Boliches, and “there will be a prize of €1,000 for first place, €500 for second and there will also be prizes for women, for senior participants, for the biggest catch, plus a large showcase of prizes such as reels, reeds and fishing equipment so that no participant leaves without his prize” according to Sanchez.

He concluded, “the weighing of the catch will be carried out at the end of the competition, around 2.30pm at the Third Age booth at the Fairground, where there will be food and drink at reasonable prices, after which the awards will be given. ”

Dionisio Palencia finished by thanking, “the town of Fuengirola and the Department of Sports led by Pedro Cuevas, because without them this contest could not be held.”  He added five of the fisherman getting involved are world champions, saying, “there are people from Almeria who have been world champions in teams this year, in addition to David Alcantara, who is the current individual world champion and Carlos Cuesta, from our club who is the previous world champion.”

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