Four per cent of Spain’s glass recycled in Benidorm

Four per cent of Spain's glass recycled in Benidorm
RAISE YOUR GLASS: Benidorm’s Councillor of Environment Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate is presented with the Iglu verde award by Roberto Fuentes of Ecovidrio Photo credit Benidorm Ayuntamiento

BENIDORM recycled 1,204 tonnes of glass this summer and has received the ‘Iglu verde’ award for its commitment to the environment.

A total of 370 bars and restaurants participated together with residents in this year’s initiative, which saw a 3 per cent increase on glass recycled in the same period in 2016.

But just how heavy is 1,204 tonnes?

  • It’s about one-twentieth as heavy as The Statue of Liberty
  • It’s about 11 and a half times as heavy as a blue whale
  • It’s about 750 times as heavy as a car
  • It’s about 150 times as heavy as an elephant
  • It’s about 17 times as heavy as the Space Shuttle

Ecovidrio, the not-for-profit organisation behind the initiative, presented Benidorm’s Councillor of Environment Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate with the Iglu verde award.

The councillor thanked “the involvement of the hospitality sector, which generated more than 50 per cent of the recycled glass.”

He continued: “The 1,204 tonnes of glass recycled in Benidorm has accounted for more than four per cent of the total glass recycled nationally in the 80 Spanish municipalities that have participated in this initiative.”

The igloo shaped award is made to imitate the recycling ‘igloos’ themselves.

130 new igloos were delivered to the city this year to adapt to the needs of local businesses and the collection frequency was also increased.

2016 closed with a total of 3,686,860 kilograms of recycled glass in Benidorm, which gives an average of 55.3 kilos per inhabitant, well above the Spanish national average.

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