Four seized in Benalmadena cannabis club probe

Four seized in cannabis club probe
STASH: Police confiscate over 2,600 grams of marijuana from drug traffickers.

THREE men and one woman, aged between 24 and 30, have been detained by police in Benalmadena for allegedly selling on marijuana outside of the confines of a cannabis ‘association’.

The president and secretary of the association have both been held, along with two other members of the group. The accused allegedly used the association as a cover up for their drug trafficking activities.

During the investigation, officers seized 2,600 grams of marijuana, 300 grams of hashish, a vehicle and more than €2,300 in cash, among other effects.

Malaga’s Anti-Drug Prosecution Office had been investigating four separate cannabis clubs in Malaga province for months for allegedly distributing the drug illegally. The association in Benalmadena had already been shut down several times in the past by police.

On paper, cannabis associations are required to have a limited number of members, who are all identified in the books, and are forbidden from selling the drug for profit or donating it to non-members.

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