Freemasons donate clothes and shoes to children in need

Freemasons donate clothes and shoes to children in need
SMILE FOR THE CAMERA: WBro Keith Alcock and Silvia Barnish Photo credit Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia

WBro Keith Alcock, the Provincial Charity Steward of Valencia recently visited Gandia Preventorio Children’s Home to deliver several sacks full of clothes and shoes to the children.

The Preventorio receives no government funding and operates entirely thanks to grants and donations.

Caring for over fifty children ranging in age from three to fourteen, is no easy matter. The children wear out and grow out of clothes and shoes at an alarming rate. It is a never-ending battle to keep them well clothed and shod.

The Preventorio has been supported by various local Lodges over the past few years and now, the Provincial Grand Lodge has also stepped in to help out as much as possible. Earlier in the year they sponsored a large group of children to visit the Masonic summer school in Guadalest. The children who attended had a magical time being both educated and entertained.

The Provincial Grand Lodge has now designated El Preventorio as one of its chosen charities for this year.

At the recent Provincial Ladies Night, over €1,600 was raised which will also go to the home.

On a local level, the home has been supported by, amongst others, White River Lodge, Arenal Deportiva Lodge and Oliva La Safor Lodge. The donation of clothes and shoes was made by White River Lodge and also John Harvey in Quesada.

The Provincial Grand Lodge expresses its greatest thanks to Silvia Barnish who acts as its liaison with the Preventorio, as well as acting as translator where required.

Should you wish to donate to the Gandia Preventorio Children’s Home and/ or find out more about freemasonry, please email [email protected].

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