Fresh fears over dog safety in Mijas

Fresh fears over dog safety in Mijas

A WOMAN in Mijas has told the council a group of wild boar came into her house and attacked her dog.

Opposition politicians have now asked the council to consider proposals to control numbers of the animals after similar reports of sightings and attacks on golf courses and in residential areas.  Mario Bravo, Deputy Spokesman for the Partido Popular (PP), explained, “a resident from Rancho de la Luz told the PP that a group of wild boars entered her house on October 16 and attacked her dog, which was badly injured and is currently fighting to save its life. This same English resident says she has seen herds of up to 27 animals in her residential area, where dozens of families live, many of them with children.”

The council responded to the request explaining it was working with the Junta de Andalucia’s Department for the Environment to work on a solution.  Jose Antonio Gonzalez, Mijas’ Councillor for the Environment, said the issue, which has been a problem for several years, was this year exacerbated by low rainfall, forcing boars to enter residential areas to seek water.  He said, “this situation is complicated by the lack of rain and lack of food, as well as the fact that they lack any natural predators in the area which would normally control population numbers.”He added a census was now being undertaken to ascertain the number of wild boars in the area.

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