Fuengirola and Finland enjoy football match

Friendly match
Photo credit: Pxhere

A FRIENDLY football match has taken place between Fuengirola Los Boliches and the Finnish club, JKB Finland.

Pedro Cuevas, Councillor for Sports, spoke before the event alongside Tomas Medina, vice president of the Sports Union Fuengirola Los Boliches, and Piita Vuosalmi, one of the club’s members.

Councillor Cuevas explained, “fooball fans will this Thursday be able to enjoy a friendly match between the Fuengirola-Los Boliches Sports Union and a Finnish team, an international match put together to have a good time and enjoy good football, allowing this Finnish team to come to Fuengirola, spend a few days here and also play a match in our town.”

Tomas Medina added, “this is an example of the Finnish twinning with Fuengirola and especially with our club, because they have always collaborated with us every time we have organised a food collection thanks to Piita, who belongs to the board of our club and is a kind of representative of all the Finns living in Fuengirola. In this case, they will collaborate with us by playing a match to raise funds for sports equipment to help football and sport in general.”

Piita Vuosalmi said the Finnish community in Fuengirola, “has always helped out and we have done a lot to collaborate with the club and this time we are going to play a friendly match to bring together many Finns and Spaniards, have fun with a great atmosphere so that everyone goes away happy and they tighten our bond even more.”

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