Fuengirola asks what you would do with €10m of EU funding?

Fuengirola asks what you would do with €10m of EU funding

FUENGIROLA COUNCIL is encouraging residents to put forward their suggestions for what they want EU funding to be used for.

The town is applying for up to €10 million of funds for its Urban Development Strategy and has asked locals what improvements they would like to see around Fuengirola.

A questionnaire is available on the town hall’s website at www.fuengirola.org which is taking suggestions.  The council is looking for specific ideas surrounding finding more intelligent and transparent management solutions for local bodies, sustainable urban mobility, energy efficiency, improving deteriorated areas and cultural heritage and reaching out to vulnerable groups.

Fuengirola’s Mayor, Ana Mula, has spoken about the scheme alongside Isabel Gonzalez, Councillor for New Technologies, saying, “I have always said that the way I manage is by including the people of Fuengirola. In fact whenever I do anything I always make the point that our residents are my best team because the important cooperation of locals is the best source of ideas to develop projects and it is residents who can best help us decide what is best for our town.”

She added, “so we are once again reaching out to the people of Fuengirola to ask them to participate and collaborate in a survey put together by the council.”  She explained the answers received would help to inform the Urban Development Strategy which in turn will be used to seek EU funding.  She commented, “this funding could be worth up to €10 million and we think it is worthwhile that we work together… for this I need your information, collaboration, participation … we will ask about various subjects so that you can say what you believe is needed.”

The online questionnaire will assess the problems, resources, challenges and potential of Fuengirola and form an initial diagnosis of the city’s issues. Through a series of surveys residents will be able to give their opinions and ideas, explaining what advantages and problems they think exist, as well as commenting on any strengths and areas for improvement.”

Participants will be asked to identify issues surrounding tourism, mobility, culture, training, employment.  A total of five questionnaires will be published online and will be open to responses until May.

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