Fuengirola’s trees are having a blast

Having a blast
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

FUENGIROLA COUNCIL has begun works to blast and clean the areas surrounding trees in the neighbourhood of San Cayetano.

Pedro Vega, Councillor for Cleaning, explained the works began to other areas around Fuengirola municipality in June, including Los Boliches, the neighborhood Los Marineros, Miramar, Camino Coin, El Boquetillo and Los Pacos.

He commented, “Today we are in the neighbourhood of San Cayetano where work has been done to improve, clean and treat these areas. Specifically, we are applying a special treatment of granules which will clean and improve the look of tree surrounds around 2,000 other areas in Fuengirola. The work was carried out by cleaning and urban waste collection company Urbaser.”

He went on,“in view of the good results achieved through this initiative, we thought it would be interesting to launch it across other areas of the municipality where it has never been carried out before.  These works took place over a month in Los Boliches and El Boquetillo, where more than 520 were cleaned and treated, as well as in Calles Benahavís, León, Navarra, Periana and others.  This project cost around €21,000.”

Councillor Vega added, “it is a project that the residents of these areas have been asking us for, through phone calls andon social networks, to improve the cleanliness and aesthetics of their neighbourhood.”

He concluded, “this work offers another advantage by levelling the area around trees which improves safety for pedestrians, preventing trips and falls.”  Councillor Vega explained the work does not damage any of the area’s trees or harm their irrigation systems, commenting, “The trees will not suffer at all and in addition we are aesthetically improve all areas. It’s a very positive project.”

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