Girl power in Malaga

Girl Power

MALAGA COUNCIL is handing out awards to three women who have fought against domestic abuse.

The event marked International Day Against Gender Violence which takes place this Sunday and honoured individuals and bodies who are helping to highlight and reduce the issue.

Anabel Padial, a former victim of domestic abuse, has won the “female fighter” award for founding the Association of Women Survivors of Gender Violence.  The Provincial Federation of Women “Agora” has been awarded the “commitment of an association” award for celebrating 25 years of existence, while SUR journalist Ana Perez-Bryan has been awarded the “highlighting gender violence” award.

Ms Padial explained of her organisation, “we call them ‘my girls’ because we are mothers to make them see the light at the end of the tunnel and that we can live in freedom.”  Josefa Sierra, president of Agora, commented, “we dedicate the award to women who are no longer with us and their families, who have to learn to live without them.”

Ana Perez-Bryan read out some of her stories highlighting domestic abuse cases, explaining it is “a fight each and every one must make from the trenches,” adding, “we will win this battle because we are more, we are together, we are better and we are not afraid.”

Earlier this month, the Malaga Provincial Council announced it was clamping down on gender violence.The initiative, which is being publicised on three radio stations, aims “to overcome inequality between men and women, one of the biggest outstanding issues in our democracy.”

Elias Bendodo, President of the Provincial Council, said 27.4 per cent of young people see domestic abuse as “normal,” a figure which he explained was “very alarming.”

Malaga is not the only city taking steps to deal with the issue.  In October, Marbella Council put together a programme of activities to honour International Day Against Domestic Abuse.

Isabel Cintado, Councillor for Social Rights, explained the council would organise workshops throughout primary schools in Marbella and San Pedro Alcantara teaching about gender violence.  She added sex education workshops would also be put on for secondary school students as well as a poster competition designed to promote equality.

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