Guardia Civil in Alicante introduce agent Floki

NO ESCAPE: Money launderers won’t escape Floki’s attraction to cash Photo credit: Twitter

GUARDIA CIVIL in Alicante are proud to present and introduce the latest member of their team.  It’s a cute and handsome German and Belgian Shepherd mix and answers to the name of Floki.

Floki is just three years old and is one of many dogs born and bred and raised for the purpose of serving with the security authorities, and are selected according to their suitability and aptitude to being able to detect substances or other items.

According to the official statement announcing Floki’s appointment, “This young and restless puppy quickly stood out in the field of money detection, being unique in the area of ​​the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia, and while being based at the Alicante-Elche Airport he will be available to work in any province where requested.”

Floki will be deployed at various entry and exit points at the airport to detect undeclared cash in luggage and help in bringing to justice those taking part in money laundering and drug trafficking.  He joins a established canine team at the airport deployed to detect narcotics, explosives and tobacco

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