Heal your heart

Heal your heart

CORK-BASED band The Grunts are returning to the Costa del Sol this December to present their new album, Heal your Heart.

The band, who are playing in Malaga on December 7 and 8, explained they released their new record, “in response to the relentless destruction and cruelty of mankind in recent events across the world and closer to home.” They said, “when life turns on you and you are squashed into the ground by slow, endless, formless, unrelenting blackness, you fight back.”

Together for over 10 years, core members of the band, Liam O Shea, songwriter and guitarist, and James Spillane, drummer, maintained their influences from early 80s and 90s bands including Echo and the Bunnymen and the Pixies, creating their own brand of raw energy fueled indie rock.

Bringing in new blood more recently with the addition of Eugene D’Arcy on vocals and Jay Fowley on bass has given the The Grunts “a new impetus adding a more subtle melodic flavour. The result is a fusion of alt rock, new wave and punk.”

According to the band, “driven by the uptempo rhythm section, ​accented with shimmering guitars, ‘​Heal Your Heart’ ​is The Grunts most mainstream single yet and with sharp production from Kevin Power and mastered by Fergal Davis, it’s sure to drag anyone from their stupor.” Magic Hour Video have also filmed a music video for the up and coming single.

B-side track ‘Shake Babylon’ was forged “in the dark heart of the city of London, on the anvil and fires of corruption and parasitic capitalism,” according to the band. Melding Asian infused music with a Velvet Underground style, ‘Shake Babylon’ “unfolds an eerie​ soundscape beyond the flesh and bones of reality.”

To date The Grunts have released seven Ep’s and two albums including the acclaimed Reflections in my Mirror Shade and Cult Before Country with the track ‘Cult Before Country’ featuring on the global release of Orion / Maurice Carroll’s production ‘Dead along the Way’.

The band is now playing at The Hall in Malaga on Thursday, December 7 and at ZZ Bar, Malaga, on Friday December 8, the date of their new album release.   For more information and ticket sale, visit their Facebook page, Grunts 777, or their Twitter feed @TheGrunts.

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