Heavyweight hidden cocaine stash discovered


CUSTOMS authorities in Alicante have intercepted a cache of cocaine hidden in a piece of sporting equipment.

Two people were arrested connected with the 15 kilograms of cocaine coming from Chile and contained in a circular weight used in weightlifting.  It’s estimated that the street value of the drug would have exceeded €800,000

The suspect shipment was first detected by the German customs authorities at Bremen Airport where it had stopped-over before flying to Alicante.  They immediately contacted their counterparts in Spain and warned of the existence of a suspicious package on board a flight that was potentially hiding a large consignment of cocaine inside it.

The investigators were able to quickly identify those responsible for the shipping and about to receive the suspected package, and a man and a woman aged 31 and 21-years-old were arrested as they collected it.

In the presence of those detained, the shipment was opened where it was found to contain a steel container weighing more than 40 kilograms and resembling a gym weight.  Such was the sophisticated way the drug had been packaged that hydraulic equipment was needed to extract it from the weight, but a previously taken sample of the substance was tested positive for cocaine.

Investigators believe that the final destination for the drug was for a number of points in Alicante used for the trade of narcotic substances.

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