Horoscope – 10 November 2017

Horoscopes - 10th November 2017

IF it’s your birthday this week:    Decisions and changes abound with the support and backing of the Universe right now. Be sure to see what you feel is behind an unexpected request, and you too can be a part of the magic now punctuating the Cosmos

Aries:  You will need some help if you are going to get just what it is that you want or need right now. With compromise not on the agenda you will rely on others to make your next move; though it will be a step in the right direction. Planet Venus can be a source of power for you this week with an action with Saturn in sextile midweek!

Taurus:   The Sun homes in on partnership issues, dealing with the solar seventh house. This is a time in which you need to take a walk in another person’s shoes; better understanding why there appear to be gaps forming in even recent relationships. Focus on reconciliation, and know, above all, the true source of love is understanding.

Gemini:   The Full Moon should bring sensitivity, emotion and a touch of romantic gesture into the equation. Eliminate doubt and be open minded and non judgmental, even though you know that someone seems to be making mistakes you could very well help with. New information may cause you to change plans, which could be a blessing

Cancer:   Social aspects feature this week, and these could be great news for you; as you balance family and career together with home projects. Your inner strengths are bolstered by absorbing much tension. The Full Moon in Taurus is a great time to relax away the tensions of the past weeks, together with the support from Pluto to boot!

Leo:  A window of opportunity is open for you, but it would seem not to be a top priority at the moment. Other choices may be the easy way around to getting what it is you want, but future planning is in the frame and here you have a limited time to grasp something that could pan out for you. Keep your heart open and check out the innermost you!

Virgo:  Keep a beady eye on expenditure this week. It seems as if you have a reason, a plan and a purpose for recent extravagances, but you are forward planning. Clearing the decks will free you up to take a break next month, and then Mercury will retrograde and it will not be the best of times for you to splash that hard earned cash.

Libra:   Mars lingers, and the energy from this residence doesn’t often empower you, so make some hay while the Sun shines! Mars brings change coupled with drive, motivation and that boost of energy that you need right now. Pluto supports the Full Moon in Taurus, lighting the eighth house of the outgoing of money. Check out bills!

Scorpio:  Look within to prioritise on your domestic affairs right now. You are experiencing strong emotions and will benefit from the blessings of the hearth and home. Use this quiet period to devise new projects to be enabled when the planets are more in your favour; because that is exactly when they will work best for you. Enjoy planning ahead!

Sagittarius:  Mercury enables dialogue, and this is very much not the time to be silent; even if you are angry and feeling that people are ganging up on you. You are in line for a magical week, but you do need to smooth things over and listen to what others have to say. They are being objective, and they can see something that you can’t!

Capricorn:  Venus brings out the very best in Mars, but they will shortly go their own ways. There will be chances and opportunities out there if you can act promptly, and be sure of yourself. Be discerning, but it is important for you to be your true self in any eventuality. Happiness comes when all you have done recently for others brings results.

Aquarius:   Both Saturn and Uranus have gifts for you, but are waiting for the right moment to come along. You live by the rules you have made for yourself but above all, keep an open mind and play for time before you deliver your verdict on something you are undecided about. The tides are turning now for just what it is you value the best of all.

Pisces:   Once more a closer inspection of your partnership is more pertinent than ever, and more necessary than it ever was. Though there have been some hey days the routine is the same old and nothing has changed for the better. You need to go with the flow and reward yourself or choose to stay as stuck as you are, so activate all you can.


Kenny, this will be a very different Christmas because there just isn’t much money around for all the traditional tree, trimmings and presents. Is it wrong for me to ask for what I need to make the family happy?

                                                                          Clare P.


Hi Clare! You can bring home the true meaning of Christmas without having to splash out or denting the budget. If you give gifts, make them yourself, as a gift of your time is a gift of love. People will love the individuality of their gift. Make cards or send email cards. Recycle cards and make tree decorations rather than buy new ones. Blend cinnamon and orange oils together to fragrance your home. These tips maybe more dash then cash, but if you need cash in your pocket, no, it isn’t wrong to ask for what you deserve for you and your family. Love and happiness are the best gifts, however, anyone ever gave anybody!

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