Horoscopes – 24th November 2017

Horroscopes - 24th November 2017

IF IT´S Your Birthday This Week: Above all, eliminate fear and home in on what it is you really need. Showing your strength now will ensure that the Zodiac respects you and supports you this astrological year, all along the way. Be unafraid, and be true to yourself!

Aries: With your innermost energies charged and your natural instincts open, intuition tells you that something is just not right; although you cannot put your finger on it. The Mars opposition to Kora has sent things out of kilter, and it is sure that you have to get your priorities right in this time of recuperation, before any damage is done.

Taurus: Just ignore what others are saying right now. They may think their misguided solutions are what you need to hear, and this is because they don’t know the real truth of the matter! Mercury trines with Uranus midweek and though this will put the cat amongst the pigeons, it will send them off track freeing you to do what you have to

Gemini: Don’t get mad, but get even! True you have to fight your corner sometime. Things haven’t exactly been easy as of late; and minor irritating problems certainly haven’t helped either. This week Mercury conjuncts Saturn and they act as a double whammy bringing resolve and getting out a clear message you are not to be messed with!

Cancer: The coast is clear, and you are free to go! This is an ideal time to take that break away that you have been planning in your mind, but which now really has to happen. Not only would you benefit from the change of air, but so too could you look back and see things from a distance. Mercury trines with Kora to facilitate action!

Leo: Uranus, planetary leader of your opposing sign of Aquarius, trines with Mercury; and it is clear you are waiting to receive news before planning your next step. As someone who is governed from the heart it is hard for you to have to keep things back right now, but know your time is coming; and soon you must strike while the iron is hot!

Virgo: Things often come in two’s for you and right now is no exception. Having to make choices that make everyone happy may not be possible, however this time around you have to think of yourself, for a change. The Cosmos seems to be testing your reserve right now, but if you will just believe in what you deserve it could be yours!

Libra: Peace and harmony, at all costs, is your greatest desire. Your insecurities serve to delay what could be and standing back or waiting for something to happen could be a recipe for disaster right now. You have a deep inner desire to make others happy, but what about you? Venus brushes up to Uranus this week, so do not wait…. go for it!

Scorpio: Don’t do anything that you may regret this week. Though your bark can be worse than your bite just remember that you can lash out and then you hurt yourself more than anyone else. Mars opposes Kora and Venus faces Kora, and they say that all is fair in love and war. Make peace because your inner self really does need it!

Sagittarius: Worry not about balancing the books right now, even though there have been some unexpected emergency purchases of late. Finance is under the microscope but you know how to budget and can turn things around if you have to. Saturn is in action with Mercury and now you are free to let the magic happen!

Capricorn: The interesting thing is that whilst you appear to be so well controlled and strong, all you really desire is the approval of others. This week is all about love and fulfillment, so start by approving of yourself; and let a very wily Saturn do a good job on your behalf. It is time to open your heart and to love the inner you, it all helps!

Aquarius: New goals for your future are in place now Sagittarius swings into action and not before time, either! Those dreams could be much closer to reality if you are prepared to go the extra mile right now. Take a risk! Mercury connects with Uranus bringing exciting news. This paves the way for chance meetings and new friends.

Pisces: Mars transits your sign all month, bringing up partnership issues of an intimate nature. You are able to interpret your own special and very psychic inner energies into reality, and love is the key! Be very unafraid to ask for what it is you need right now, as you should be free to explore what it is that you really want and deserve to have.


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