Horoscopes – November 3, 2017

Horoscopes 3rd November 2017
Horoscopes 3rd November 2017

IF it’s your birthday this week: Expect to be able to contribute your good ideas to motivate others. You are energised and blessed with good fortune, and if that is something that you can share then it will also benefit others who come your way too, in the astrological year ahead.

Aries:     Mercury sextiles Pluto and it would seem that you are coming to terms with recent events, and beginning to understand why things have worked out the way they are. Your own willpower will allow you to probe any field that takes your attention right now. You are emotive and original and working towards the real truth of the matter.

Taurus:    Emotional involvements become more intense and this reflects on all aspects of a romantic nature; which may not be allowed to interfere with your personal happiness. Venus squares Pluto, and both inspiration and the power of expression will serve to soften some of the pressure you currently feel as karmic energies find a way!

Gemini:   Mercury continues to transit your sixth house. This is an excellent time to do some sorting out and to start some of those projects that you may have listed but have failed to put into action. Whether it is paying the bills or de-cluttering your home, it is time for you to give this attention a priority to put all that you need to in order!

Cancer:   Jupiter is ensconced in your fifth house of true love for almost a year. This means that attachments will become stronger and it will be a great time to share memories with loved ones with travel and shared experiences on the cards. The Universe knows how hard you have worked, and it is high time now for some fun.

Leo:  This may very well be a testing time, as minor problems with authority see you scrambling to prove just what you are fully capable of right now. A compromise may very well be the best solution, though you will find it harder to get your own way. This may be time to reflect and to just wait and see what the best offer really is!

Virgo:  Jupiter continues to ignite your third house of communication and will do so for over a year. This is a great time to get a good deal or take a stab at something that you have always wanted to do. Rarely will you have had the backing that allows you to explore what is out there for you! Jupiter is expansive and full of blessings!

Libra:   Take a long hard look at whatever holds you back this week. Eliminate that fear which holds you back from the main event; which you should be a part of! Saturn squares on Chiron on November 2nd and this day allows you to break those chains and take a forward look at just what it is that you really want, and need to happen now.

Scorpio:  Your psychic energies are charged and ready for action this week with the backing of Sun energy and the guidance and benevolence of Jupiter to light your way too. Do what feels good for you and it will have a positive effect on others. Some of the answers you have sought will allow you to take a turn along the pathway, opening new doors!

Sagittarius:  Pay attention to those subtle messages which seem to be coming to you all ways right now. Some secrets of others really are a network of lies and you knew this all along. Influences of Jupiter bring growth and good fortune, but also things can get exaggerated. Be smart, play cool and be careful not to embellish any information!

Capricorn:  Mars moves comfortably into your tenth house of achievements, rewards and bonuses. Keep your CV up to date as new horizons seem to be beckoning you onwards and upwards! Your skills are required on all levels too as you volunteer or join a new group quite unexpectedly; finding new friends who are just on your wavelength.

Aquarius:  You may be up for a fight if you want to get your own way right now. Authorities may test your patience but will bring solutions to a nagging problem in their response. Compromise will see you taking control sooner than later, but it also serves to show you just who your friends really are, and how strong and determined you really can be!

Pisces:  Jupiter is in Scorpio, a compatible water sign, ruling your ninth house of travel and global connection. Time to take a very well deserved break away that charges your batteries and prepares you for some hard work just ahead! Linking up with others from other cultures you will greatly energise a common and highly spiritual cause.


Kenny, I have noticed that there is a changed atmosphere in my home over the past weeks. Nothing seems to be wrong but I have noticed that things are not as they were. What can I do?

                                                                             Sophie W.


Sophie, your levels of perception may be changing. You could be feeling something that you were not able to connect with before. If nothing seems wrong then this could be a deepening of your personal awareness. I would open all the windows and doors in the house and ask if anything present would like to leave right now, because they are not welcome. Burn some sage oil or a fluxo incense such as Sai Flora and clean all floors and washable surfaces with sea salted water. These actions show your strength and power as you ascertain that this home is yours and will be full of your powerful energies now and in the future! Keep in touch with me please!

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