How to switch up your skincare routine for cold weather!

How to switch up your skincare routine for cold weather

THE colder months can be brutal on our skin. Between freezing temps outside and heaters blasting inside, our skin can have a hard time adjusting to the elements. It’s tempting to simply pile on extra moisturizer at this point in the season, but there are other ways you should switch up your skincare routine for this time of year.

Your skin will need more hydration in the winter, and as the body likes to vary the food, the skin also likes to vary on creams. Use a rich cream for the winter season, and ask for professional advise at your clinic.

If skincare routines isn’t your favourite area, masks can also help clear up various seasonal skin challenges. Sheet masks are a quick way to get active ingredients right in your skin to brighten, clear, or exfoliate. It’s easy to put on, and even more easy to take off, and throw away. The skin will feel soft and hydrated at the same time and the skin tone will get an illuminated look.

Toting a water bottle all summer is easy to remember because we’re usually hot, but keeping up your water intake is just as important in the colder months. We know that dehydrated skin can look scaly and dull but you can help combat your skin’s water withdrawals by refilling that water glass and finding a cute humidifier to add to your nightstand. Humidifiers keep moisture in the air, helping ensure you wake up with soft and supple skin.

And last, but very important! Stress down before the Christmas season! Stress shows in your skin, and to look good, you also need to stress down. At Derma Clinic Spain we have some very relaxing treatments with advanced medical products, so if you feel you don’t have time for your routines, come for an hour of relaxed skincare and a hydrating treatment.

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