It’s not just children in need in Murcia

It’s not just children in need

MURCIA’S Regional government has received €500,000 more from the Ministry of Finance for schemes to help those most in need.  This amount is on top of the €2m already committed to the fund which will support social projects in the 45 municipalities.

Most of the funds – €1.6m – will be dedicated to meeting the basic requirements of the neediest, including food, clothing and basic hygiene products as well as subsidies for the purchase of school supplies and aid to pay monthly rent.

Murcia will receive €500,000 for the above costs and Cartagena €250,000, while the city of Lorca will receive €120,000 to also help families make small repairs to their homes.  Likewise, it will make it possible to continue with the project to help teenagers between 13 and 16-years old to cope with situations of family conflict.

Overall, a total of 17,132 people and 4,859 families benefited from a similar aid scheme last year and similar figures are expected for 2017.

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