Jail time for Torremolinos girlfriend beater

Jail time for girlfriend beater

A MAN has been sentenced to two years in prison for pushing his ex-girlfriend out of a moving car in Torremolinos, breaking one of her legs.

The woman underwent two surgeries after the incident and still has limited movement in one ankle, it emerged.

The pair had been going out for three months in 2013 before breaking up.  Remaining friendly, they went on a night out with the girls’ friends to a nightclub in Torremolinos.  At around 4am the man said he was leaving and asked her to come with him.  The victim claimed she refused and said he sent her a Whatsapp message saying he had left.  When she came to leave the club an hour later, however, the girl explained he was waiting outside and offered her a lift, which she accepted.

Once inside the car, the man told his ex-girlfriend he was not taking her home and allegedly became more aggressive.  The girl tried to text her friends but the boy apparently threw her phone out of the window.  At that point, the girl opened the car door to get out and the man pushed her out of the door while the car was still moving.

Pedestrians helped the girl, calling the police who took her to a health centre. A court in Malaga said the girl’s testimony was “coherent and fully in keeping” with the facts.  The judge added there was no “special animosity,” on the part of the victim and that her story was corroborated by statement from two of her friends.

The accused claimed he did not have a relationship with the girl but said they were instead “friendly.”  He denied attacking the girl and said he was “surprised” when he received her message saying she was going to report him.

The judge sided with the girl in court, sentencing the man to two years in prison and imposing a restraining order on him.

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