Javea Players´ On Golden Pond – Last chance to book

GONE FISHING: Norman (Mike Martin), Billy (Luke Holmes) and Ethel (Rosemary Brown) Photo credit Javea Players

BORED young teenager up against an octogenarian: recipe for disaster? More like an opportunity for great comedy with slick one-liners!

Norman Thayer is approaching his 80th birthday so he and his spirited wife Ethel know time is against them in their twilight years.

Like all families, they have had their ups and downs, lingering tensions from the past and unspoken, unresolved quarrels.

Norman is as tart-tongued as ever and enjoys needling everyone within sight. He’s not always likeable, but Ethel adores him.

This summer they are visited on their summer vacation on Golden Pond, New England by their divorced, middle-aged daughter and her uptight dentist fiancé, who then go off to Europe, leaving his rebellious teenage son behind.

On Golden Pond is a heart-warming story about revisiting the past and forging new bonds across generations and remains an inspiring celebration of the universal challenges we all face:  the ultimate triumphs of life, love, and family.

There are plenty of laughs, but with some bittersweet undertones.

BOOK NOW – ‘On Golden Pond’ will run from next Tuesday November 7 to Saturday November 11 at 8.00pm each evening at the Union Musical de Gata.

Tickets cost €12.50 and can be purchased via www.javeaplayers.com.

Group bookings of 10 or more will be offered a free drink in place of the previous discount.

For more information or assistance, get in touch – 865 528 551 / [email protected].

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