Keeping the city cleaner and quieter

Keeping the city cleaner and quieter
SSHHHH: The new quieter sound of cleaning in Orihuela Photo credit: Wikimedia

ORIHUELA city council is now in possession of new cleaning equipment that will give residents of the municipality a quieter life.

Councillor Dámaso Aparicio has himself demonstrated the new street blowing machines that have replaced the old noisy and petrol driven equivalents.  Over a number of years, the council received hundreds of complaints about the noise the machines made, especially in the early mornings when sleep was being disturbed.  Such was the annoyance that a separate Facebook page was established to share people’s experiences.

The new fully electric machines that run on batteries that have a life-span of about five years have been registered at only 60 decibels – the same as a hair-dryer – and will save petrol and maintenance costs.  The old machines reached 100 decibels.

Those operating the quieter blowers will also be more comfortable handling them as they weigh six kilos less.  The environment also gets a boost as they have zero CO2 emissions too.

Justifying the €21,000 expenditure on the new machines, the councillor said that the savings made on the petrol, oil and maintenance will mean that the outlay will have been returned with two years.

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