Local mayor hits back at opposing politicians

Local mayor hits back at opposing politicians
SMILING FOR THE CAMERA: Mayor Chulvi Photo credit Facebook

JAVEA MAYOR Jose Chulvi released a statement this week to address the recent criticism directed at him by opposing politicians at Javea Council.

Mayor Chulvi was publicly accused by the group of neglecting Javea.

He thanked his opposition for giving him the chance to provide deeper insight into what he does for the town:

“’Neglecting Javea’ for them must mean, every week of the year from 2011 until today, personally attending to the concerns of citizens, organizations and associations from our town. This work is carried out in my office but also, as many of you know, by attending the place where I am called to, whether it be for official acts, games, work visits, sports and cultural events, etc.

“’Neglecting Javea’ must be not to have missed a single day in ten years of attendance at a plenary session of the Council, whether as mayor or councillor or in the opposition. Never, I repeat, have I ever missed a plenary session (often giving up personal travel or events that I would have liked to attend) unfortunately others cannot say the same.

“’Neglecting Javea’ must have been achieved thanks to my intense workload in Valencia and Alicante when our claim for the long overdue municipal pool was finally recognised, unblocking the Triana Bridge project to have it finally repaired, the subsidy for the renovations of the Avenida de Ultramar, the roundabouts at Tosalet and the Arenal, the many subsidies we receive for Social Services, the Environment, Tourism, etc which previously were never received… and many more things.

“’Neglecting Javea’ should be to go to the vast majority of events of all kinds which are held in our town giving them institutional and personal support, whereas those who now want to sow discord usually only attend during the week before the elections.

“’Neglecting Javea’ should mean working every day to create a better town and demonstrate it with tangible results – urban improvements and upgrades in all the population centres, the renovation of street lighting, the new auditorium whose construction we are about to begin, the new general plan, the beginning of the works for the cover at the soccer field, quality cultural programming throughout the year, support for those who need it most, collaboration with the associations of businessmen and residents, support for sustainability with facts and not just with words, reduction of the municipal debt from €42 million to €7.5 million (this will be almost zero by the end of this current administration), new parking areas, initiating an international tender to develop the coastal path, comprehensive fire-fighting plan, health service clinic on the Arenal during the summer, road asphalting plan… in short, everything you can see happening every day on the street.

Of course there is still a lot to do, but I don’t think that anyone can doubt the importance I give to my commitment to Javea to continue working together, as we have done so far. Even better and more achievements are possible thanks to the better position we have to claim subsidies from the regional government of the Generalitat and the Alicante Diputacion.

If ‘Neglecting Javea’ is this … well, there you have it.

Un abrazo.”

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