Los Boliches social workshop for elderly residents

Social workshop
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LOS BOLICHES has kicked off its season of activities for the elderly with a series of workshops to prevent social-isolation.

Fuengirola Councillor for the Third Age, Francisco Jose Martin, spoke about the events alongside the workshops’ director, Alfredo Martin. Mr Martin explained, “we are resuming the social workshop after the summer break and kick off with a very enjoyable programme that will start with a debate which is moderated by me entitled ‘What happens to us,’ about the elderly in this area in Spain so we can find out their thoughts and feelings and any doubts they must have after having worked for so many years.”

He continued, “next, Ana Maria Higuerawill speak about her wall of friendship which is intended to unite people who are alone, and after that we will discuss poets up to this day, which is a subject presented by Mercedes Miranda who rescues songs and poems that are a little forgotten and which are recovered and enjoyed again.”

Mr Martin went on, “then we willhold a cultural and participative space organised by our collaborator Chantal Epin Lopez which this time will be called ‘My friend the tree’. Then we will have a debate of views about Catalonian independence, which will be the highlight of the day and where I would like participants to get involved by stating their opinions, because we are Spain and this is the time to speak.”  He concluded, “finally, to close we always want to offer something fun and we will have karaoke with songs and melodies directed again by Chantal Epin.”

For more information on activities organised by Fuengirola Council’s Department for the Third Age, visit www.fuengirola.org.

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