Machete killer faces 22 years in prison

Machete killer faces 22 years in prison

A 63-YEAR-OLD man faces 22 years in prison for allegedly killing a 74-year-old with a machete in Torremolinos.

The accused is standing trial for murder and possession of an illegal weapon after supposedly killing his victim in February 2016.

The victim died of hypovolemic shock after being stabbed 16 times in the head, neck, chest, stomach and back

The accused, who has not denied the allegation, supposedly “surprised” his victim at his home in Torremolinos before killing him.  The suspect allegedly waited on the doorstep next to his victim’s body before telling police officers, “he did not keep my secret.”  It is not known what secret the man is referring to.

Police believe the suspect killed the deceased, who was believed to have been his friend, in a “repeated and surprise” stabbing to the man’s head, neck, thorax, abdomen and back.  When asked by police why he was carrying the 25 centimetre long machete, the man supposedly said he always had it on him.

Witnesses say they saw the accused “loitering” outside the victim’s house on Calle Boscon before stabbing him.  One driver honked his horn at the attacker several times to get his attention before giving up and calling the police.  Prosecutors now claim the suspect went to his former friend’s house “with the evident purpose of causing him death.”

CCTV footage allegedly shows the accused trying to remove the machete from his victim’s body, sustaining a cut to a finger on his right hand which required surgery.  Prosecutors are now seeking €150,000 in compensation for the victim’s daughter in addition to jail time.

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