Malaga puppy dies after ‘being dropped’

Puppy dies after ‘being dropped’

A YOUNG dog had been put down after allegedly been thrown in the air by its owner in Malaga.

Police are now investigating one man and searching for another after the five-month-old German Shepherd pup was put down by an animal shelter after being handed in.

The incident began in October on Calle Granada when pedestrians intervened after allegedly seeing two street performers throw the dog in the air, allowing it to drop to the ground.  They confronted the pair, one of whom is said to have become aggressive.

A business-owner intervened, breaking up the ensuing scuffle and the dog’s owner ran away.  Two pedestrians were treated in hospital after allegedly being assaulted, while an 18-year-old German street performer is being investigated for animal cruelty.

The dog was taken in by an animal refuge to be checked over.  Sources explained the dog did not show any signs of abuse but had an existing problem with one of its paws which prevented its leg developing correctly.  The animal was not chipped and its owners could not be located.  The shelter said it did not think the animal was appropriate for adoption and subsequently put it down.

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