Malaga station fire hazard

Fire Hazard

MALAGA COUNCIL has been called on to improve safety conditions in its fire station.

A body responsible for checking work conditions has discovered “proven deficiencies in occupational risk prevention” at the Martiricos fire park.  It is the second time the organisation has written to the council to complain about standards at the site although the building is due for a €3.2 million facelift in December.

It is now demanding officials be consulted in any matters relating to health and safety as well as the psychological health of fire workers.  The body also criticised the council for electrical risks in the station, including unprotected cables and boxes, dampness in the ceiling and bedroom, lack of anti-slip tape on the stairs.

A €3,242,065 project will see equipment at the Paseo de Martiricos station upgraded and improved from December 1 onwards.

The works, which are expected to take around 24 months, will be carries out in six stages and will include improvements to the building’s structure and design. The building covers a total of 5,448.86 square metres, including 2.955,48 square meters on the ground floor, 433.97 square meters of mezzanine and 2,059.41 meters squares on the top floor.

Further improvements will include work to the firefighters’ sleeping and rest area, as well as the creation of a new emergency staircase.

The news comes following a series of firefighter strikes in Malaga, with the city council now agreeing to new work conditions.

The council has said it is prepared to negotiate with the fire men to redraft a document regulating fire workers’ conditions, dating from 1959.  The document will see issues including training, shifts and fire stations renegotiated.

The strike had been ongoing in the province for nine months, leading to a potential criminal case for 60 firefighters who ignored calls to attend five blazes in one day.

The Malaga prosecutor’s office has referred the matter to a judge who will now decide whether the workers are guilty of abandoning their office, a matter punishable by up to two years’ suspension from work and fines.

According to reports, on June 27 five fires broke out simultaneously around the province. Sixty-one firemen were all called and asked to come to work but only one turned up.

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