Marbella port project pushed back

Marbella port project pushed back
MODERN MARVEL: An artist’s sketch of what the project in La Bajadilla port will look like once completed. Credit: Casa Las Palmeras Suites Marbella/ Facebook

THE ex-mayor of Marbella has condemned the decision of the Andalusia High Court of Justice (TSJA) to delay work on the La Bajadilla project.

The project, valued at more than €80 million, was originally proposed by a company belonging to Qatari Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani and would have transformed the La Bajadilla port in Marbella. The proposal included building more than 850 moorings for fishing, leisure or sports boats, two mooring for yachts up to 125 meters in length and a new dock for cruise boats.

The renovation was estimated to have created around 3000 jobs altogether and should have started in 2012.

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani, who is also president of Malaga Football Club, was meant to take on 97 per cent of the shares through his company Nasir Bin Abdullah & Sons while the city council provided the remaining three percent.

However, after five years of delays, the Sheikh missed the final deadline to present his final plans to Marbella’s port authority (APPA) and lost the contract.

The APPA then entered into talk with other companies in the hope of finding a new investor.

However, Sheikh Al-Thani appealed the decision and the TSJA has delayed the process of terminating his contract which has prevented the authorities from finding a new investor.

Former Marbella mayor Jose Bernal said that he regretted the decision of the high court, as it means the project will continue to be delayed, but hopes that Sheikh Al-Thani will follow through with his commitment.

He also noted that the two major projects which the current Marbella mayor, Angeles Muñoz, has been involved – the La Bajadilla port and the expansion of the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella – with have both been blocked by the court.

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