Medicine recycling on the increase in Murcia

SIGRE: Pharmaceutical recycling company has 561 collection points across the region. Photo credit: Twitter

MURCIA region’s Environment Minister, Javier Celdrán, has highlighted that the community is above the national average when it comes to recycling certain items.

This is especially the case in that of packaging waste and any left-over medicines and it’s estimated that 85 per cent of homes in Murcia regularly recycle pharmaceutical products.  The figures were announced at the 15th anniversary of SIGRE, the company responsible for collecting and recycling such waste from chemists in the region.

According to the director general of SIGRE, Juan Carlos Mampaso, there are 561 collection points in the chemists in the Murcia region and up to 73 per cent of the population use between at least one and three times a year.  10 per cent use them on more than seven occasions.

“The use of the SIGRE collection point for the recycling of medicine and tablet containers with or without anything in them has markedly increased in the Murcia region, and is an important achievement in environmental matters,” said Mampaso.

For his part, Javier Celdrán, stressed that the Murcia region grows above the national average for the recycling of such items and showing an increase of 3.51 per cent over the past three years standing at 81.96 grams per inhabitant.

“More and more, we are aware and concerned about preserving our environment and we’re intensely dedicated to promoting that we all contribute to that aim,” said Mampaso.

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