Mistake admitted in false kidnapping alert

Mistake admitted in fake kidnapping attempt
Photo Credit: Pexels

ALARM was spread among residents and visitors to the Playa San Juan area of Alicante following a social media alert about the kidnapping of a young girl.  

The warning spread like wildfire via the WhatsApp messaging service and across social media after the father of the young girl said that his young daughter had suffered an attempted abduction in the Fontana Commercial Centre.

The audio message sent on WhatsApp said that his daughter had entered a lottery office with her grandmother and while she was checking her tickets, someone tried to take the girl.  When the grandmother noticed her granddaughter was missing she left the office and found the youngster running back to her while the other woman, the alleged kidnapper, was walking away from the scene.

However, once he’d seen a recording on a security camera and witnessed what had really happened, he quickly made an apology via a new audio message and admitted a misunderstanding.

The video showed that the grandmother and the girl went into the lottery office and while she was at the counter the granddaughter confused another woman with her grandmother and left the lottery office with her.  Just a few metres away, when the woman notices she had the little girl with her she told her to go back from where she came where she can be seen running back in and being reunited with her grandmother.

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