Mother arrested for chaining son up

Mother arrested for chaining son up

A WOMAN was detained in Malaga for allegedly chaining her 12-year-old child to an armchair.

The mother has now been released pending charges of coercion after a judge believed her explanation she was trying to stop her son running away.

The boy called the police after his mother apparently left him with food, water, games, TV and a mobile phone without credit and tied to a chair by his ankle.  Officers attended the property and were let in by the mother.

They released the boy and arrested the woman before questioning her.  The mother told officers the boy kept running away, including on the day before when he had not been found until dawn.  She maintained she was desperate and felt unable to control his behaviour, adding he had even run away from a child protection centre.

The woman later told a judge she had been forced to ask family to help find the boy when he had disappeared the day before.  They eventually discovered him hanging out with a group of older people after searching all day and night.  She said she had chained him up to stop him running off again.

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