National tattoo and body piercing regulations proposed in Spain

REGULATIONS: Tattoo and piercings to get national standards Photo credit: Wikimedia

THE Spanish Ministry of Health has proposed to harmonise the national regulations that govern tattoo and body piercing establishments.

Public Health Director General José Carlos Vicente said: “There is a need to make a comparison of regional legislation on tattoo centres and piercings to standardise opening times, permissions, licenses and general health and safety issues.”  Currently each region has its own set of regulations with gaping differences in some cases.

At present, permits relating to such operations are granted by individual municipalities in some of the autonomous communities or by the regional administrations in others, such as Murcia.

A further aspect of the rules concerning tattoo parlours is in the control of the inks used. In Spain, only those inks authorised by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products is allowed which gives greater assurance and guarantees for those using them and having their bodies covered in them.

The regional Royal Decree 17/2003 that regulates tattoo and piercing establishments in the Murcia region includes the general rules of hygiene and the training of tattooists alongside the types of equipment and precision instruments used on a daily basis.

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