Nerja Foundation – Poetry in motion

Nerja Foundation poetry in motion
Caption: LOCAL WONDER: The Nerja Caves were rediscovered in 1959 by hunters searching for bats.

THE Nerja Foundation has launched a new campaign to help make the Nerja Caves a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On Tuesday, to coincide with the eleventh anniversary that the caves were declared a site of Cultural Interest (BIC), the organisation presented the project ‘Nerja Caves: a Giant Poem’.

The 120-metre-long poem stretched out around the Balcony of Europe, and was influenced by the Poetopia organisation’s ‘Giant Poem’ project, in which 150-metre-long poetry reels were placed in the streets and squares of dozens of cities and have so far accumulated to more than 9000 metres of verse across the globe.

It was hoped that the project would help boost the campaign to promote the Nerja Caves to UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

The Nerja Caves are considered one of the region’s top attractions. They are home to the world’s largest stalagmite at 32 metres high and also contain the first Neanderthal cave paintings to ever be discovered, which are also allegedly some of the oldest drawings in the world sketched by humans.

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