New park for Fuengirola


FUENGIROLA COUNCIL has announced the creation of a new park.

Works have now begun on the area, which include plan to install a 25-metre zip line for children aged 4 to 12 years’ old, a playground, sports ground, and rest areas.

Maria Jesus Pascual, Councillor for Green Spaces, explained the park will occupy 1,400 square metres and will be completed in February.  She added jacarandas had been “removed from Avenida Clemente Diaz for its remodelling and transplanted here; there are 23.  In addition, we positioned them as a corridor.”

She explained, “the council tries to provide spaces like this in all neighbourhoods whenever we can.  We will create the area even though it is quite difficult because there is a water deposit and a certain slope which makes the works more complicated.”

She concluded, “the cost of the park if we had outsourced the work would have been around €100,000,” but she explained the staff from the Department for Green Spaces had instead taken on the challenge, alongside workers from an employment scheme promoted by the Junta de Andalucia, bringing the total to around 12 staff.

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