Nightmare discoveries on Halloween night

Nightmare discoveries on Halloween night

LOCAL POLICE officers in Elche seized an enormous amount of material during the traditional Halloween celebrations in the city on Tuesday night.

More and more people, especially the younger citizens, have imported the American traditions into Spain, and as such create a large amount of left over rubbish as well as items associated with the festivities themselves.

Police patrols were determined to stamp out any possible incidents, intentional or otherwise that could arise from the use of certain products carried in pockets, bags and backpacks.

They concentrated their efforts in the vicinity of the Palacio de Congresos and their searches unveiled an Aladdin’s cave of booty that could have caused damage and danger to people and property. Throughout the afternoon and evening police confiscated 615 spray cans that contained paint and fake snow; 409 eggs; 35 kilograms of flour; 30 packs of flares; a bottle of washing up liquid; a bottle of vinegar; a bottle of alcohol; a bottle of sauce; as well as a baseball bat and a metal crutch.

Some shops and supermarkets were warned not to sell alcohol or certain products to those underage, and while the advice was followed by most of them some appeared to ignore the request.

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