Oliva beaches given a brushing up

Oliva beaches given a brushing up
HERE’S ONE I MADE EARLIER: Mireia Morera of the Projecte Ciutadans d'Oliva group with mock-ups of the cabins Photo credit Oliva Ayuntamiento

OLIVA will receive a grant of €65,000 from the Valencian Provincial Tourism Agency to make improvements to its beaches in time for next year’s high summer season.

15 cabins will be erected along the Oliva coastline, providing beach-goers with toilets, showers and baby-changing facilities. Nine of them – three toilets, three showers and three changing cubicles – will replace those already in place on Oliva’s three main beaches. The remaining six cabins – three toilets and three disabled toilets – will be erected on smaller beaches in an aim to encourage more visitors.

They will be made of sustainable wood, incorporating light and natural ventilation, negating the need for electricity and a system will be used to wash away waste without using any water.

The cabins will use a system to wash away waste without water
Mireia Morera of the Projecte Ciutadans d’Oliva group said: “The main objective is to provide better facilities on Oliva’s beaches, making them more accessible and thus enhancing their quality and tourist value.”

The cabins will be erected in Spring 2018, ready for the high summer season.

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