Pensioner left with €11,000 tax bill

Pensioner left with €11,000 tax bill

A LEGAL complexity has led to an 85-year-old woman being left with a property tax bill of more than €11,000 each year.

The widow, who lives in Senda del Pilar, only owns 0.13 per cent of the land she pays tax on but is forced to pay the whole bill due to various administrative complications.

Her family has called on Torremolinos Council and the Provincial Council to help fix the problem several times. However, while the council accepts there has been a “moral injustice,” it can only add the bill is “within the law.”

Her family says it has now referred the case to the relevant Ombudsman and add her account has now been blocked by her bank since she cannot pay the bill.  They add the situation is “inexplicable,” and cannot believe it has continued, “without anyone solving it.”

Other families have also written to Torremolinos Council demanding the failed Senda del Pilar urbanisation be reorganised since works to the planned development have not gone ahead.  The site was originally designed to house a golf course and other facilities, attracting families to buy in the development.  However, the plans never went ahead, leaving families with high property tax and maintenance bills for resources they have never received.

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