Planting the seed in Marbella

Planting the seed

MARBELLA COUNCIL has transplanted 48 specimens of plants to Real de Zaragoza.

The specimens, which come from five plant species, were taken from the La Adelfa coastal path.  Councillor for the Environment, Manuel Cardeña, the delegate of the Tenencia de Las Chapas, Carlos Alcala, the provincial deputy of Environment and Promotion of the land, Marina Bravo, and the president of Produnas, Fernando Piquerm visited the project.

Cardeña explained, “the works aim to preserve the specimens that were affected by the work of the Coastal Path in La Adelfa, responding to the demands of the Produnas association, which does a commendable job in the protection of the dunes, and thanks to the support of the Provincial Council, which has taken on the cost of the action.”

Marina Bravo added, “the dune system of Marbella has a fundamental ecological value in the province and it is necessary to protect it,” explaining, “all these specimens would be lost if the works of the Litoral Path start in a time that is not suitable for the transplant and that is why we have decided to carry it out as soon as possible.”

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