Pregnant 12-year-old girl admitted to hospital

UNDERAGE: The Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital Maternity Unit Photo credit: Google Maps

A 12-year-old girl discovered to be pregnant has been admitted to a hospital in Murcia.

Staff at the Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital raised the alarm when the young patient came to their attention who said that she was otherwise healthy and in a good condition.

Initial investigations revealed that the father of the child was also of a similar age and there is no suggestion, according to the girl that she had been subject to any kind of abuse, despite her apparent initial unwillingness to answer police questions.

Being so young, pregnancy is a high risk and a girl of 12-years-old is more likely to suffer a premature birth.  They would also need to be kept under special observation in case problems such as high blood pressure and bleeding occur.

Legal sources explained that if it’s confirmed that the two minors had consented to their sexual relationship, social service would be instructed to investigate the home circumstances of them both.  In the event that the girl has come from a broken home, foster care measure would be put in place to guarantee her well-being and that of her future child.

If the decision is taken to abort the pregnancy, the girl must have the full authorisation of her parents or legal guardians.

Under the Spanish penal code, no law has been broken as people of such an age are considered unable to be charged with sexual offences.  Back in 2013, Spain increased their age of consent from 13 to 16.

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