Pride comes before the fall

Pride comes before the fall
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It remains to be seen how long it takes for much of the world to recover from the NATO West’s catastrophic foreign policies. My primary interest in a truly free press is my looking forward to watching wretched former government ministers squirm as they are grilled by TV presenters who aren’t PR apparatchiks for the political elite.

One recalls the disastrous NATO invasion of Libya in March 2011. Africa’s most prosperous and benign nation was bombed back to the Stone Age. The then Foreign Secretary, William Hague was spoon-fed by media and came up smelling of gold ingots.

A career politician, who hadn’t even held a job as a bank clerk, he has since been appointed as advisor to Citigroup, one of the world’s most powerful banks. Is anyone joining the dots or have we all got our heads in the sand.

Let’s try the arid sand of Zimbabwe, once the fertile soil of another of Africa’s once prosperous and benign nations. Another fine mess the UK’s self-serving political elite got us into.

Marxist-Leninist Robert Mugabe (93) is unelected life President of Zimbabwe (1980 – ). That is longer than Stalin’s tenure of 36 years.

How sickening it was to watch this leader of the ZANU terrorist organisation feted by Britain’s media, welcomed to 10 Downing Street, drooled over by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and knighted by Her Maj’.

It seems that in this deceitful world we have good and bad terrorists. Sir Robert Mugabe was another career politician who came up smelling of gold ingots. However, Mugabe is no better at running a country than William Hague is at running Britain’s foreign policy.

Zimbabwe, which until Pigminster’s betrayal boasted a world-class economy, is now destitute. On a par with the Horn of Africa Zimbabweans today starve in what was once the bread basket of the Dark Continent.

Rewind: Zimbabwe is now begging many of the 4,000 European farmers they forcibly evicted to return and reclaim their farms. This move comes fifteen years after the Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwean government seized large swathes of the farmers legitimately acquired and nurtured ranches.

Before 1979 these prosperous farmlands provided a surplus of wealth, food and employment opportunities. The only problem was the influx of Africa’s non-Rhodesians desperate for a slice of the cake. The evictions and slaying of ethnic-European farmers and their families led to an exodus – and famine.

If this reversal of hapless UK foreign policy is the success I suggest it can be, I would further suggest that renaissance Rhodesia doesn’t appoint William Hague, First Lord of Richmond, as their Minister of Finance.

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