Residents rally round worker

Residents rally around worker

RESIDENTS in La Cala de Mijas have written to the council in support of a laid-off sports club worker, Miriam Borneo.

Ms Borneo, who worked at the Mijas Sports Club, won a court case claiming Mijas Council was wrong not to offer full employment rights to several of the club’s workers, however the council now plans to appeal this decision.  The group of residents has called on the council to drop its appeal, arguing it would only impinge on Ms Borneo’s rights further.

Francisco Sepulveda, president of the La Cala Residents’ Association, said, “we believe the most just, reasonable and humane thing to do is that the council team abide by this ruling and do not appeal.”  He added he had contacted the town’s Mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado.  He added, “we ask for a gesture of kindness, humility and good feeling from the council, giving this young mother the job stability that has been recognised by the courts.”

The council has so far refused the request, however, instead employing three new people.

The case comes after a court in Fuengirola dealt with another high-profile labour dispute.  A judge dropped a case in September against a firefighter accused of not performing overtime work he had been paid for.

A spokeswoman for the council, Ana Mata, made the announcement about the case which came to light almost a year ago.  She explained the investigations into mayor Rodrigo Romero and the former head of a fire station had now been dropped, after it was found no criminal wrongdoing had taken place.

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