Revenge mother now has her days free

RELEASED: María del Carmen leaves prison on day-release Photo credit: Twitter

A MOTHER who killed her daughter’s rapist in a fit of rage in a high-profile case in the province of Alicante is now allowed to go home during the day and spend nights in prison only.

María del Carmen García’s solicitor managed to secure what is referred to as ‘the third degree’, which means she can now spend her days in total freedom from 11am and only has to return to prison – this time, Alicante’s Fontcalent institution, which is nearer her home – at 7pm every night to sleep.

María del Carmen’s daughter Verónica was just 13 when Antonio Cosme raped her at knifepoint in October 1998 in Benejuzar and, when Cosme was on prison leave seven years later and attempted to provoke her, the distressed woman took her revenge.

One day, he went into the family’s local bar, which they visited almost daily.

María del Carmen then went to the nearest petrol station, bought a can of petrol and returned to the bar, poured the contents over her daughter’s rapist and set him alight.

He suffered 90 per cent burns and died in hospital within days.

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