RTN On Golden Pond

RTN On Golden Pond
STANDING OVATION: The cast Photo credit Tahnee Wright

RTN enjoyed an evening out at Gata’s Union Musical on Tuesday for the opening night of the Javea Players’ production ‘On Golden Pond’.

On Golden Pond is a 1979 play by Ernest Thompson. The plot focuses on aging couple Ethel (Rosemary Brown) and Norman (Mike Martin) Thayer, who spend each summer at their home on a lake called Golden Pond in Maine, New England

This year on Golden Pond, the Thayers were blessed with a visit from their adult daughter Chelsea (Leigh Patterson), whom they’d not seen for years together with her fiancé Billy Ray (Nigel Poole) and his son Billy Ray Jr. (Luke Holmes).

Chelsea and her entourage arrived partly to celebrate Norman’s birthday, but mainly so she and Billy Ray Snr. could leave the younger Billy on Golden Pond as they spent the summer sailing around Europe.

Norman is grumpy at the best of times, fearful he’s losing his faculties, so he was not best pleased at having his holiday disrupted, having to entertain a child.

The plot took an unexpected turn however as 13-year-old Billy gave Norman a new lease of life – when they weren’t fishing, they were playing tricks on unsuspecting Ethel!

Chelsea, returning to Golden Pond and finding Billy Ray Jr. had developed a special relationship with Norman, realised she wanted to have the same before it was too late…

The crowd roared as pedantic Chelsea pleaded “It just seems like we’ve been mad at each other for so long…” and Norman came back to say: “I didn’t think we were mad, I just thought we didn’t like each other!”

Even Charlie the postman (Michael O’Neill) and the telephone operator (Anne Skinner)played a part as the Players perfectly explored long-lost youth and facing one’s mortality.

Star of the show, 12-year-old Luke Jones told of his excitement for the week of performances ahead and his relief to find out that although he still had to go to school each day, he’d been ‘let off’ having to do his homework.

Luke, arriving in Spain only a year ago, was keen to seek-out an opportunity to get involved in the local amateur-dramatics scene and said that he’d “never have had the opportunity to play a part like Billy Ray Jr.” in England.

Director Ron Skinner told of his fondness for the play and said that “although the play avoids the sentimentality of the film, it instead brings out the humour of everyday human relationships.”

The Javea Players take their shows seriously, but ALWAYS with the emphasis on enjoyment and fun. They are a friendly bunch and would love to hear from anyone interested in taking part, whatever their skills and experience.

Apart from acting, there are a great many other skills that are needed in order to stage a play. Directing, stage management, constructing sets and props, making costumes, producing the music and sound effects, lighting, publicity – the list is long.

If you are interested, call Cherry on 865 528 551 for a chat or email her at [email protected].

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