Safety first in Malaga

Safety first

MALAGA Council has installed various large concrete bollards and plant pots in the city centre to protect pedestrians from possible terrorist vehicle attacks.

The council agreed to the new measures during a meeting held after the recent Las Ramblas vehicle attack in Barcelona. Authorities also agreed to increase the police presence on the streets and public areas, and strengthen systems which help police cooperate with other branches of law enforcement.

These measures will also be adopted in the other main towns on the Costa del Sol.

The council will also hold meetings on a regular basis to present any new ideas which could improve public security when faced with such incidents.

Spain has kept the terrorist alert at level 4, the second-highest level, since the Barcelona attack in August.

While the main pedestrian zones in Malaga centre are now protected from unauthorised vehicles that try to enter the spaces, the council also declared that they aim to make better use of the video surveillance system.

There are currently 16 cameras installed in locations across the city centre, in locations such as the Plaza de la Constitucion square and the Larios shopping district.

There is also a fixed police checkpoint in Plaza de la Constitucion, one of the city’s main pedestrian and commercial hubs, with squad cars routinely on patrol there.

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