Seatbelt t-shirt wearers warned


THE Guardia Civil have warned of the dangers to your life – and to your wallet – for wearing an increasing popular design of T-shirt when driving.

The shirt’s design includes a diagonal black stripe across a white background that simulates a safety belt and is being used by many safety-last drivers to deceive the traffic cameras.

The T-shirt has been advertised on a well-known website in different sizes and without promoting the price under the phrase of, “Funny anti-fines T-shirt.  It simulates the seat belt for those that don’t want the hassle or are in a hurry.  Ideal as a gift, a joke and perfect for parties.”

Guardia Civil officers emphasises that wearing a seatbelt is key to saving lives and warns that 23 per cent of deaths in accidents are caused by people not wearing them.  Penalties for not wearing a seatbelt can be as high as €200 and 3 points off the driver’s license.

This fake T-shirt isn’t a new phenomenon however as, back in 2012 there was an increase in the number of fines for people not wearing seat belts following a warning from Chinese authorities of the proliferation of these shirts.

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