Streets ahead

Streets ahead
I PRESENT TO YOU: Teulada-Moraira Mayor Carlos Linares took to the stage Photo credit Teulada-Moraira Ayuntamiento

TEULADA-MORAIRA COUNCIL presented its new tool this week – the ‘Geoportal’.

Georeferencing means to associate something with locations in physical space and may be applied to any kind of object or structure that can be related to a geographical location, such as points of interest, roads, places, bridges, or buildings

Teulada-Moraira Mayor Carlos Linares, Alejandro Morant from the Alicante Provincial Council and Pedro Barber and Raul Dalmau from Geonet presented Geoportal and explained its offering.

Citizens can access the population register, the municipality’s roadmap, and information about local tourist attractions together with information about culture, the hydrographic network, infrastructure, the PGOU (zoning plan) and building permits.

It also helps the employees at the Town Hall go about their day-to-day business.

Morant went on to explain how the new tool gives citizens more transparency, taking advantage of technology and making access to information easier and more flexible.

It is all about placing services at the disposal of users, promoting innovation and through such innovation, creating more jobs.

Teulada-Moraira is the first municipality in the Valencian Community to implement Geoportal. The tool connects with the municipality’s administration system and updates every 15 minutes.

Mayor Linares went on to explain that the possibilities of Geoportal are endless and expressed his greatest thanks to all involved in its inauguration, supporting Teulada-Moraira in becoming an innovative municipality.

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