Students in the Senillar

Students in the Senillar
GETTING INVOLVED: The students assisted researchers Photo credit Teulada-Moraira Ayuntamiento

40 STUDENTS from Teulada – the 4th graders from ESO and the 1st graders from I.E.S – took a trip to the Senillar wetland recently, carrying out a series of activities together with teachers and one of the research teams from the University of Valencia, headed by biology profession and doctor Antonio Camacho Gonzalez.

Professor Camacho is currently working for the Teulada council, commissioned to analyse the main ecological characteristics of the Senillar including the water and the flora and fauna.

The students assisted researchers taking samples and the professor explained the ecological functioning of the wetland, interaction between microorganisms in the water and its role in the carbon cycle as well as the relation of those processes to climate change.

Professor Camacho also talked about the methodology used in the Senillar to measure greenhouse gas and how researchers ascertain the wetland’s carbon output.

The Senillar wetland is regarded as one of the most precious ecosystems on the Marina Alta coast and has been under protection since 2014 when it was declared as a wildlife reserve by the environmental protection office.

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