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The Way I see it
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THERE are many spectacles in the Spanish culture, soccer has become the primary one, overtaking the non- PC bullfighting. The biggest spectacle of Spanish football matches is always the game between Barcelona and Madrid, for some months this spectacle has moved from the soccer pitch to the political volatility of the Parliaments of both Cities.

Between the 15th and 17 century the Spanish Conquistador’s with guns and swords colonised South America, changing the lives of the local indigenous Indians, they gave them a new language and a new culture, as the centuries moved on, South American and Spanish cultures evolved, the South American culture became more volatile and revolutionary, that failing has now rebounded back, as Spain could be facing a new period of civil and political unrest.

I wrote in a previous column about the days in the run up to the Referendum in Barcelona, with violent clashes between police and would be Catalonia voters.

There was a temporary stand-off between the President of Catalonia and the Prime Minister of Madrid.

The soccer game had changed temporarily into a game of Poker, with Regional President Puigdemont, first deciding to shelve the poll to stave off the central governments takeover of the Catalan government, Puigdemont says he dish not received any guarantees from Spain’s Prime minister Rajoy leader Popular party.

But confusion continued as Puigdemont first arranged, then cancelled and re-arranged an official address, then said he would not call a snap election, when no guarantees were forthcoming from Madrid.

The central Government headed by Prime minster Rajoy has said that this government would implement drastic measures does that mean a coup? to take direct control of Catalonia’s devolved government in a bid to quell separatist moves.

Spain has had a few black days in their history before, some of us will remember the 1936-1939 Spanish civil war, between left wing and right-wing factions joined by many foreign fighters some famous, fighting for the sides and politics that they supported.

Many young Catalonians are become more and more angry with the President Puigdemont failing to call the vote on democracy, this may endanger his position and his party which would suit Rajoy, on the other hand Rajoy position could also be challenged by the Popular party for failing to take action against Catalonia sooner, is it because of the financial support Spain receives from that Region?

Well! all that changed, Puigdemont did play his card, and told Catalonia that they now were an Independent Region from Madrid, immediately the Rajoy played his trump card asking his parliament to vote, this they did and as expected they voted to take over the governing of Catalonia, and removing Puigdemont and his government.

Is that the end, now the dust has settled I do hope so, with all my heart, without the hundreds of deaths as the Spanish people over the years have suffered enough, and that the people of Catalonia accept the penalty decision, and direct rule, and don’t take to the street having strikes, and causing disruption.

It was a political football game between Barcelona and Madrid,a game of two halves,I do hope that there will be no extra time when one of the two teams try score again, in the December elections?Now full time it should be called a draw for peace sake, with one man sent off,ex Catalonian President Puigdemont, after a yellow, then a red card, (also the colours of Spain). The man of the match I suppose you could say, was the Prime Minister Rajoy. For me it was a nerve twitching spectacle.

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