This week in Iceland – Eruption fears

This week in Iceland - Eruption fears

Eruption fears

A NEW caldera, measuring a diameter of one kilometre has been formed in this last week in Öræfajökull glacier located in Vatnajökull, Iceland’s largest glacier, and spotted via satellite images.  According to the Iceland Met Office this shows increased seismic activity and a strong smell of sulphur has been noticed.

Well, it is Iceland…

THE HEAD of the A&E department at the National University Hospital in Iceland says that an unusual amount of accidents have occurred due to people falling on ice. Jón Magnús Kristjánsson thinks that people are not realising that paths and sidewalks are icy already.

New Year destination

BRITISH tourists are apparently very interested in visiting North Iceland. British travel agency Super Break has organised chartered flights between Britain and Akureyri with 75 percent of seats booked. This means that around 2,500 Brits will be going to Akureyri in the New Year.

Bless you for visiting

HALLGRÍMSKIRKJA, the most iconic building in Reykjavík, has seen its income from entry fees to its tower increase eightfold in the past six years, according to Fréttablaðið.  Last year, the income from the church tower increased by 77 million ISK and totalled 238 million.

Nobody will get the goat

THIS Christmas, two security guards will protect the IKEA Christmas goat that undergoes its traditional annual burning that is as seasonal as the return of winter itself.  It will be protected 24 hours a day with guards on foot and in cars.

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