This week in Scandinavia – Calling all Camillas

This week in Scandinavia

Calling all Camilla’s

IF YOU’RE a Danish woman named Camilla, you might want to keep an eye out for newborn baby discounts in the near future. That’s because, on average, Danish women are 29 years old when they have their first child, and Camilla was the most popular name in 1989.

Interrupted journey

A MAN who was attempting to sail solo from Sweden to Spain has been rescued after a huge search and rescue mission. The man, a 30-year-old Russian citizen, had bought a sailboat in Stockholm and had planned to sail it solo to Spain, but unfortunately he didn’t make it that far.

Shooting scene

RESIDENTS of Nacka in Stockholm raised the alarm over a shooting just after 9pm on Monday. A man with gunshot wounds was found outdoors and taken to hospital by an ambulance, but later died. An examination of the crime scene took place during the night, followed by a detailed forensic operation.

Olympic ambitions

NORWAY’S Telemark County wants to host the Winter Olympics in 2026.

The county is preparing to make a bid, according to the leader of Telemark’s municipal sporting committee Geir Berge Nordtveit. Telemark allegedly decided to throw its hat into the ring for the event after Austrian city Innsbruck decided not to bid.

Helicopter tragedy

A RUSSIAN helicopter that went down at sea with eight people on board has been found on the seabed off Norway’s Svalbard archipelago.  The wreck of the Russian helicopter was located, at a depth of 209 metres. The search has now concluded, and has moved into a search phase for the bodies.

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