This week in Scandinavia – Stockholm blaze injures two

Stockholm blaze injures two

Stockholm blaze injures two

TWO people were injured due to smoke inhalation and taken to hospital after a fire broke out in central Stockholm on Tuesday morning.  Four others were evacuated from a building in the prestigious Stureplan district.  Police cordoned off the area for three hours.

Wrap up warm!

ACCORDING to a weather forecaster’s prediction for the long-term, the biggest cities in Sweden are about to face their coldest winter for five years.  It could get colder than usual in the south and larger areas are likely to be covered in snow.

Paradise becomes hell for some

THE ‘Paradise Papers’ scandal has also reached Sweden as their tax authorities are investigating after a huge international leak exposed some of the world’s top businesses and global figures who have stored their wealth in offshore funds and tax havens.

Scarf promotion for needy

OSLO is witnessing the annual event that sees lots of sculptures around the city sporting orange scarves.  The Church City Mission promote caring and inclusiveness while approaching winter and Christmas season. The scarves are left on the sculptures for those who need them.

Critical car shooting

A 20-year-old man shot in the Tingbjerg area of Copenhagen has been left in a critical condition.  An overturned car was found at the scene of the shooting and police say the wounded person was sitting in the vehicle between Åkandevej and Ruten.

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