This week in Scandinavia – What was that!

This week in Scandinavia - What was that

What was that!

A STRONG flash of light which may have been caused by a small meteor was seen over Norway’s northern Finnmark County.  After several people reported the incident to police, experts have said that they believe the object may have been a fireball.

China’s gifts

DENMARK’S Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen dug the first hole on the new panda enclosure to be built at Copenhagen Zoo two accommodate the two new arrivals from China next year, as a mark of the good relationship between the two countries.

Elk reprieved from the kill

A WHITE ELK that became a global celebrity this year is no longer at risk of being put down.  The elk went viral this August after it was caught on camera by a local councillor. However, the decision to shoot the elk has now been revoked.

Crossing closed

THE FINNISH Safety Investigation Authority has called for the immediate closure of the level crossing that was the scene of a deadly collision between a passenger train and an off-road military lorry in Raasepori, Southern Finland, at the end of October.

Dogs for health

SWEDISH scientists have found that owning a dog can lower a person’s risk of mortality.  They examined data relating to Swedes aged between 40 and 80, who in 2001 (when registration of dog ownership was first made obligatory) had no history of cardiovascular disease.

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